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Ready for Motherhood

*This is a post I wrote, but never published* I’m happy to share it now and have it to look back on. * I think that I am. I know that I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore. The only way that’s happening is with the birth of my daughter. Throughout this whole pregnancy that’s… Continue reading Ready for Motherhood

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Screw the Holistic Approach

Hello Readers, My husband (Alix) and I came up with the title for this post a couple of days ago. I find myself sitting in the coffee shop again while Alix at work and my daughter is in the Intensive Care Unit. I’ll say it’s very strange to be here again considering the last time… Continue reading Screw the Holistic Approach

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A birth story

Hello Readers, Last Thursday I was writing up a post since I’d been so quiet for so long. The post was to my (then) unborn daughter Tegan. Little did I know that about 16 hours later my water would break and my life was going to change forever. Before I start my story I will… Continue reading A birth story

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Cucumbers and Cheddar

Hello Readers, My post title was inspired by my lunch that I’m munching on while writing this. I actually don’t mind this as a lunch it’s refreshing and filling. It’s also something that I would have had before this protein diet (Ritz crackers would be nice though). ┬áIve also paired the lunch with a glass… Continue reading Cucumbers and Cheddar


Pregnancy Diet

Hello Readers, As some of you may or may not know (depends on if you read ‘Who’s Rebecca’ or not). My husband and I are expecting our first child. Not only is this our first child together it’s my first pregnancy ever. I’ve been asked by doctors enough I think I feel the need to… Continue reading Pregnancy Diet