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Ready for Motherhood

*This is a post I wrote, but never published* I’m happy to share it now and have it to look back on. * I think that I am. I know that I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore. The only way that’s happening is with the birth of my daughter. Throughout this whole pregnancy that’s… Continue reading Ready for Motherhood

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Why my bed is now the family bed

Hello Readers, I wanted to write this post because as a FTM I think it’s important that I explore and explaining my reasoning for making the parenting choices I’ve made (even if just for myself). Before T was born Alix and I went out to buy a pack and play for her. It was really… Continue reading Why my bed is now the family bed

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At the Coffee Shop

Hello Readers, Much like the title would suggest I’m currently sitting at one of the local coffee shops. Before Tegan was home this was such a simple thing to do that I didn’t even give it any thought. Now that I’m a mom being able to sit in the coffee shop by myself with a… Continue reading At the Coffee Shop

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Hello Readers, Today has been a rough day. It’s a recovery day. Last night I couldn’t have been more of a jackass to my husband, and after I made things extremely awkward with him…I started in on myself. I’ll have you know I haven’t stopped fully. Last night and early this morning I had so… Continue reading Adjustments

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My decision to be a SAHM

Hello Readers, I haven’t written in the past week because my daughter, Tegan, came home from the hospital this past Sunday. My husband and I have been what we consider pleasantly sleep deprived having Tegan home with us. ┬áBefore she was born we had discussed that I would stay at home with her and Alix… Continue reading My decision to be a SAHM

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First Guilt Trip of Motherhood

Hello Readers, My daughter isn’t even two weeks old I can safely say I’ve already experienced my first guilt trip from strangers and myself. I’m referring to how my daughter is being fed. She is a formula baby. Some may be disapproving and others may not even bat an eyelash. I cared though. I’d waited… Continue reading First Guilt Trip of Motherhood