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Why my bed is now the family bed

Hello Readers, I wanted to write this post because as a FTM I think it’s important that I explore and explaining my reasoning for making the parenting choices I’ve made (even if just for myself). Before T was born Alix and I went out to buy a pack and play for her. It was really… Continue reading Why my bed is now the family bed

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What my cat and newborn have in common

Hello Readers, I know I haven’t posted in a while (no rest for those with a newborn). I’ve finally gotten my daughter calmed down and sleeping on my chest. We bought her a MommaRoo which she’ll tolerate I suppose there’s just no comparison to laying on my chest. Spending my days with my cat Jasper… Continue reading What my cat and newborn have in common

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Hello Readers, Today has been a rough day. It’s a recovery day. Last night I couldn’t have been more of a jackass to my husband, and after I made things extremely awkward with him…I started in on myself. I’ll have you know I haven’t stopped fully. Last night and early this morning I had so… Continue reading Adjustments

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My decision to be a SAHM

Hello Readers, I haven’t written in the past week because my daughter, Tegan, came home from the hospital this past Sunday. My husband and I have been what we consider pleasantly sleep deprived having Tegan home with us. ┬áBefore she was born we had discussed that I would stay at home with her and Alix… Continue reading My decision to be a SAHM