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What my cat and newborn have in common

Hello Readers,

I know I haven’t posted in a while (no rest for those with a newborn). I’ve finally gotten my daughter calmed down and sleeping on my chest. We bought her a MommaRoo which she’ll tolerate I suppose there’s just no comparison to laying on my chest. Spending my days with my cat Jasper and my daughter I’ve noticed there are some similarities that can not be ignored. After reading let me know if you’ve noticed any of these trends or something similar.

1. They sleep all the time.

I realize that some newborns and cats alike are not like this. However between my daughter and my cat I think they spend 17 hours a day snoozing away. (If only I could get my daughter to sleep for more then 4 hours at a time).

 2. They only make a lot of noise when they want food.

Jasper will talk at me until I feed him. My daughter screams and cries like someone is cutting off a limb when she’s hungry. She’ll also cry when she needs changed or wants to be held. Jasper talks to me when he wants food.

3. Co sleeping is non negotiable.

Jasper has slept in my husband and my bed since we adopted him about 6 months ago. My daughter can sleep in her MamaRoo for a couple of hours, but she’ll fuss the whole time. The only way for her to have a truly peaceful sleep is if she is huddled right next to me on her side. (She’ll also sleep soundly on Alix’s chest). There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night to find my daughter on one side, Jasper between my legs, and Alix cuddled on the other side. It’s really sweet when this happens except for moments like last night when I stretched out my arms and ended up almost hitting Alix in the head. I bet to a fly on the wall my family sleeping is pretty cute.

These are the main things I’ve noticed between Jasper and T. I’ve thought about adding a dog into this mix, but I’m not sure what they would have in common at this stage. For now Jasper and T compliment each other quite well. Makes for loud 5 ams and quiet days.



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