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At the Coffee Shop

Hello Readers,

Much like the title would suggest I’m currently sitting at one of the local coffee shops. Before Tegan was home this was such a simple thing to do that I didn’t even give it any thought. Now that I’m a mom being able to sit in the coffee shop by myself with a tea and my laptop is quite amazing. Alix is really amazing as I’ve mentioned in previous posts he has a superpower that allows him to sense when I’m wearing down and need a little time away from the house and just by myself. I would like to think I do the same for him when I notice he needs more sleep or just making an extra cup of joe in the morning. I had been trying to write a blog post at home all day and nothing was coming to me. I eventually gave up and continued binge watching Gilmore Girls. This is probably why I have a bit of a headache now (or I’m dehydrated).  The coffee shop that I’m at right now is right next to the University and it feels a bit surreal being in this area. For those who don’t know I recently graduated this past May. However I feel like sitting in classes was eons ago.

In my last post I wrote about making adjustments and trying to come to terms with the direction everything is going. I’m happy to say that ever since I wrote that very blunt post things have been a lot better. I’m giving myself a break and making an effort to make my days how I want them. Yes I spend my day with a newborn and a cat, but we have fun in our own right. We start mornings off with breakfast (I eat an hour after everyone else). Next is karaoke while I get dressed (also nap time for Tegan). Jasper (my cat) cries to go outside and after half an hour or so will give up. I can honestly say that getting ready for the day has worked wonders against the baby blues and ppd. The feeling of getting ready for the day and dressing how I used to is very rewarding. The rest of my day varies but it’s kind of nice to do whatever you want. I think that I’ll need this time at the coffee shop once a week though to keep my sanity. Even if I feel rewarded in my day to day routine it’s important for me to have a chance to blast music in my ears and be surrounded by strangers doing the same. I don’t think this makes me a bad person or neglectful mother (yes that thought actually crossed my head). After all Alix is more then capable of watching after Tegan without me, and it might even be nice for him to be able to have alone time with her that’s not at two in the morning.

My only hope is that as time goes on it will get easier to write at home. I come up with a bunch of ideas but it can be difficult to have all the other elements in place that I need for a post (being able to tune out completely being one of them).

I suppose I just wanted to highlight the importance of getting out of the house and doing something for yourself (even if you don’t have a baby).

Have a wonderful day.



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