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Cucumbers and Cheddar

Hello Readers,

My post title was inspired by my lunch that I’m munching on while writing this. I actually don’t mind this as a lunch it’s refreshing and filling. It’s also something that I would have had before this protein diet (Ritz crackers would be nice though).  Ive also paired the lunch with a glass of milk. I’m starting to realize that the less starch I have the more dairy I want. I’ve also started day dreaming about food more recently. I realize this makes it sound like I’m starving (of course I’m not). I feel like I should embrace my inner Ron Swanson. Although he would probably never eat what I’m eating for lunch. That’s okay….he would if he were sharing his body with his soon to be born daughter.

Drastically changing how I eat got me thinking about dieting in general. I’ve never been a big fan of the idea or the concept of ‘dieting’. I’m open to adding some fruits and veggies, but to tell myself “Nope that is totally off limits” that’s the tricky part. I can see compromising with smaller portions, but to say off limits entirely makes me really moody. I came to realize this last night when I had a crazy craving for a cupcake. Not even a good cupcake just a .99 one from the grocery store bakery that you have to scrap all the icing off because let’s face it no one should eat that stuff. This craving may have also been brought on by watching Cake Boss.  Anyways back to my point….while watching the show I could feel myself becoming increasingly moody (I was already a little moody before the show).  For the life of me I couldn’t really put my finger on why the show was bothering me so much, but then it hit me they were getting to eat what I wanted. My husband picked up on this mood shift and offered to go pick up something sweet for me to munch on. I wasn’t easy to convince though. We had just eaten dinner and were about to settle into our pjs so I felt really guilty. I also knew however that my mood wasn’t going to get any better and with that in mind agreed to go out in search of a cupcake.  Keep in mind it hasn’t even been a whole week of my not eating starch, but it was pretty much amazing to have again.

The point of this post was more to write an update about this new way of eating. Also to remind myself of instances like the one mentioned above and that I’m doing it for a good reason. Even with all of my grumbling I know that I’m feeling 10oX better then what I was a couple of weeks ago. It’s important for me to remember the days I was crying for hours, miserable, and had no idea why. Some would say ‘It just comes with pregnancy’ and while that is a very valid point when you’re feeling out of control every single day for no reason….there’s some room for concern.

I feel like this pregnancy has made it so that I can’t be nearly as stubborn about some things….especially food. Only about 54 days to go (and I still remember when I celebrated reaching double digits. I suppose time flies.


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