When Inspiration Strikes

Hello Everyone,

If I could count how many blogs I’ve started in the past I think I would be a little embarrassed. Maybe not though….doesn’t everyone have at least a couple? I’m a firm believer that for every blog that’s started there was an original purpose behind them. I’ve had one about my ‘crazy’ love life (drama), one about third wave feminism (edgy), and of course the first blog where you have no idea what it’s about only that you got to pick a theme. (I think that happened for me on blogger when myspace was still relevant). In any case I’ve been struck by the blog starting fairy again. (This time I can blame it on getting my new MacBook Air…it’s so pretty it literally begs to be blogged on).

I mean just look at her. Carter is just so pretty :)
I mean just look at her. Carter is just so pretty 🙂

Anyway getting back to this new blog that I’m creating. This time around I want to make it so that I can simply post about life in general. I might create tabs to have specific categories so people don’t have to scroll forever to find a specific post, but for now let’s just put that in the ‘maybe’ pile.  Another reason I wanted to start this new blog is because I’m thinking of it as a fresh start. None of my other blogs seem very relevant to my day to day life, or mesh with where my life is at the moment. I wanted someplace that I could just write little tidbits about my family, my cat, and whatever else is catching my fancy for the day. Especially if I can get into the habit of weekly posts or maybe more.  

Well as of now that’s the plan. Now off to doctor the different pages….

Have a lovely day 🙂



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