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Tackling the Beast

Hello Readers, The ‘beast’ I’m referring to is known as social networking. Ever since I got Carter (the name of my Macbook Air) I’ve been more and more inspired to embrace the internet as a whole. The first thing that I did was start from scratch. I had previously had a Twitter, a Tumblr, Instagram,… Continue reading Tackling the Beast

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Cucumbers and Cheddar

Hello Readers, My post title was inspired by my lunch that I’m munching on while writing this. I actually don’t mind this as a lunch it’s refreshing and filling. It’s also something that I would have had before this protein diet (Ritz crackers would be nice though). ┬áIve also paired the lunch with a glass… Continue reading Cucumbers and Cheddar


Pregnancy Diet

Hello Readers, As some of you may or may not know (depends on if you read ‘Who’s Rebecca’ or not). My husband and I are expecting our first child. Not only is this our first child together it’s my first pregnancy ever. I’ve been asked by doctors enough I think I feel the need to… Continue reading Pregnancy Diet


When Inspiration Strikes

Hello Everyone, If I could count how many blogs I’ve started in the past I think I would be a little embarrassed. Maybe not though….doesn’t everyone have at least a couple? I’m a firm believer that for every blog that’s started there was an original purpose behind them. I’ve had one about my ‘crazy’ love… Continue reading When Inspiration Strikes